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    Many people train, and see results. More people train, and see results, but are missing still see some weak points. This is where the importance of proper training meets just training alone. Many people will watch and learn, research on the internet, listen to advice from peers, or just wing it, not doing any exercises properly. Now I’m not saying they lay on the bench press face down but I mean you may not be executing the motion properly or fully. This is where the importance of technique matters. There are so many programs you can follow, learn, or create, but the best one is the program which works for you. Finding the right groove for your body can be difficult, and takes time, up to years, so don’t give up. Once you learn how to exercise to stimulate muscle growth or fat loss, you are then able to try new things and mix and match your workouts. Sacrificing form for personal satisfaction occurs very often. From amateurs to professionals. There is only one champion, while the rest lay behind them in the placings. Now there are many elements and factors that go in to winning a contest, but most importantly is the quality of their training which diminishes their placing. The reason Arnold Schwarzenegger was the best was because no one had such a mind to body connection as he did and could not make his body work to get the results they desired the way he did. Here is an example, Kai Greene up until the last Mr. Olympia contest had been placing 2nd to Phil Heath, in the 2014 Olympia announcers or whoever (I don’t remember exactly) continually talked about how Kai was coming in to the contest at a much higher weight than he had been competing at the last few shows etc. etc. Like it even matters!?!!? If your training only for a number on the scale and sheer size and not tweaking your muscles in order to change to look BETTER than they did last year or versus your current competition, YOU’RE NOT going to win. The only way to truly change your physique is with the proper training. Like I said before you must find what works best for YOU, and the best way to do that is with TRIAL & ERROR, which many people, majority of people are fearful to do, probably because they see, and admire those around them, so they follow in their footsteps in a training matter. Starting at ground zero is GOOD for you, every time, the only way you will surpass your current stature is by restarting everything, loosing weight, gaining weight, brand new workouts, take a week off, come in feeling mentally weaker and work back to where you were and past! Many people can be stubborn though, and not open to suggestion, having an ego, when they look like crud and than you’re your biggest hill to climb. A problem with many bodybuilders, pro or amateur is that they are afraid to lose weight! I promise if you drop down, get real small, YOU WILL BE ABLE TO GET BIG AGAIN, AND YOU WILL BE BETTER THAN YOU WERE! All it takes is time. Back to the importance of proper training and programs which well help you get the physique you desire. Kai Greene (again, sorry Kai) I watched, was never there, but watched his videos where he says he does the same warm up exercises before his chest regiment (which is probably always the same) now my question and point is, WHEN DO THE WARM UPS BECOME THE WORKOUT?? If you’re going in to the gym and exerting your phosphocreatine and ATP in your first few exercises, don’t those ‘warm ups’ then become whats stimulated first, keeping what comes next the latter part, and lagging part of the workout? Change things! Whether you’re a professional, or someone just starting, proper workouts will grant the gains you desire. The guidance of someone who is qualified and educated in training will help you see what you want to see in yourself. Do not half rep it, don’t keep the same footing in your squats, these are the things that will hold you back from being who you want to see. The right trainer is professional, it is in their heart and personality and work ethic to not allow these mistakes to be made. Personal trainers will not allow you to slack off, which is sometimes what many people need, even outside of the gym. Here you can find the right personal trainers to help you attain the physique you oh so desire, nutritionists and dietitians who will keep you eating right making you feel good, life coaches who will help your lifestyle in all aspects, and any other part of your life you feel could use help can be found here @ http://www.PersonalTrainersOF.com

    -Blaise Felice