• BlaiseFelice posted an update 3 years ago

    How important is a workout schedule?
    To some it may be important in making gains, structure to their daily lives, and having consistency.
    To others like myself it’s rather insignificant.
    The reason for that is, I am a firm believer in using the shock principle in your workouts, diet and everyday life.
    It is easier said than done because habits are natural to develop.
    If you don’t know what shock principle is, it’s when you randomize your workouts in order to keep your body from getting used to a constant resistance to keep gains fresh and coming.
    I call it freestyle working out.
    If you’re familiar with a carb cycle diet it’s a similar idea.
    Using shock principle is easier said than done though due to the fact you become comfortable with certain workouts and you may be anxious to work your favorite muscle after rest days like so many others.
    There are so many different workout schedules I’ve used in my years training.
    Below are some examples.
    When I first began it went like this
    Mondays – Back
    Tuesday – Arms
    Wednesday – Chest & Abs
    Thursdays – Shoulders & Legs
    Friday–Sunday – Rest
    It may be nonsensical to some of you but I was 16!
    Other schedules I have used are
    Sunday – Outdoor Cardio
    Monday – Upper body
    Tuesday – Legs
    Wednesday – Rest
    Thursday – Lower Back, Abs, Indoor Cardio
    Friday–Saturday – Rest
    ^That one helped with remaining thin and cut
    Monday – Chest
    Tuesday – Back
    Wednesday – Shoulders
    Thursday – Arms
    Friday – Legs
    Weekends – Rest
    ^That schedule helped a lot with bulking
    Monday – Chest, Back
    Tuesday – Shoulders, Arms
    Wednesday – Abs
    Thursday – Legs
    Friday-Sunday – Rest
    Monday – Upper Body
    Tuesday – Legs
    Wednesday – Rest
    Thursday – Upper Body
    Friday – Legs
    Weekends – Rest
    Monday – Chest
    Tuesday – Rest
    Wednesday – Back
    Thursday – Rest
    Friday – Shoulders
    Saturday – Rest
    Sunday – Arms
    Monday – Rest
    Tuesday – Legs
    Wednesday – Rest
    Thursday – Repeat previous
    ^As you can see that was much different than a typical ‘week’ schedule
    Shock principle can be applied in the littlest manners also, you don’t always have to be thinking big in order to make gains.
    Think of changing the grip you use, or a different angle, or whatever you can find to differentiate what you’re doing currently from your last workout. You can even apply shock principle within sets themselves. For example you can add supersets into your set, or another example you can change the grip you’re using on each set for Lat Pull Downs.
    Shock training is good for anyone, but sometimes it is hard to get a feel for your body and how to sculpt it with different exercises to make gains. If you’re beginning to train, and by yourself a more simple schedule perhaps will suit you better so you can condition yourself until you get to the point until you can ‘freestyle’ workout, but still use shocking to an extent, example, do not use barbell bench presses week in and week out! Your body must feel the dumbbells and the machines and cables!
    Another example for you is, if you are training chest and back together, switch which muscle group you start with.
    Forget weights only! Cardio shocking is just important as well as rest days! Shock principle is important for any type of training or results desired.
    Remember if you do not perform weekly cardio it is important to mix in to your training randomly for a nice shock!
    There are so many examples and reasons and philosophies and ideas on training, if you can’t decide for yourself or need a guide it is highly encouraged to find a Trainer who can help you get where you want to be, I cannot emphasize this enough. It’s taken me years to get where I am and still haven’t made it where I’m going. So please do yourself a favor and become educated by finding the perfect fitness professional to help you!
    -Blaise Felice