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    Has anybody done any research on the possibility of using selective androgen receptor modulators (SARMs) as a means to gain/increase muscle and strength while in a caloric deficit? I’ve heard positive reviews, and so far it has been difficult to find any concrete examples of negative effects/”side effects” of their use.

  • Listen to New York Giants Strength & Conditioning Coach talk his personal story!

  • Former New York Met and current New York Yankee Carlos Beltran training to recover from injury, most importantly in any training he mentions “Range of Motion” Which is always most important no matter what results you desire!

  • Staying strong and active at an older age is imperative for you and your family, watch this easy program you can do right from your house! Show grandma and grandpa if you care about them!

  • Actor Sylvester Stallone is a fitness enthusiast and has not lost an ounce of youth in his 69 years! Here is a video of him training for his role in the expendables in 2009! Though the video is several years old, in his recent pictures and being passionate about training I can assure you he hasn’t let up one bit! Note that his training is done at…[Read more]

  • I’m sure many of you watching have never thought to do these or even knew they were done before. A tremendous leg and back workout, as well as every other muscle involved (shoulders arms chest abs) What a shock these can be for your body! Immediate boost of your strength! Great for men and women! https://youtu.be/EdtaJRBqwes

  • The girl jogging on the treadmill on our homepage is beautiful :)

  • Regardless of age, or injury exercise is still important and you can find it within yourself to train and remain healthy. This is ronnie coleman 8x Mr. Olympia training legs after having hip replacement surgery. Physical Therapists are there to help you after coming out of surgery to get your body functioning and personal trainers are there to…[Read more]

  • Front squats are an incredible workout in so many ways.. They burn fat build strength, They develop core, legs, and upper body muscles. Going deep with them are important. Having problems developing upper chest no matter what pec exercise you try? Try some front squats, I will tell you they work!

  • Many people train, and see results. More people train, and see results, but are missing still see some weak points. This is where the importance of proper training meets just training alone. Many people will watch and learn, research on the internet, listen to advice from peers, or just wing it, not doing any exercises properly. Now I’m not saying…[Read more]

  • Hockey players! Learn how to skate faster!

  • Fitness model Gal Ferreira shows you how to do some leg work! She is married to former Mr. Olypmia Dorian Yates, therefore her work must produce results with one of the greatest coaching her!

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  • Women wanna squat? Watch this

  • Watch Penn State’s football team bench press with their strength coach!

  • Dana Linn Bailey

  • You may or may not know CT Fletcher, I don’t personally, but he’s that annoying bald guy screaming in peoples faces while working out for “motivation” really probably just internet fame… Anyway in this video he seemed much nicer and personable without a “hip-hop” rude persona. Also a fake natty, no chance he wasn’t using PEDs in this video! With…[Read more]


  • This video used to blow peoples’ minds mine included when I saw it… Ronnie Coleman bench pressing 200lbs dumbbells for plenty of reps!

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